Woman on the go NEHER A AW2 02 0 C ampaign

NEHERA Autumn/Winter 2020 collection plunges in the functionalism and sophistication of the 1940s, only to surge with a new insubordinate elegance. The campaign follows this journey to capture the hide-and-seek play between striking esthetics and a defiant spirit.

Following in the footsteps of one of the most prominent figures in Slovak photography, Karol Kállay, the campaign is a reportage on femininity. The backdrop of the reportage is the versatile cityscape of Bratislava. The playground for Kállay’s most impressive stills and home of the NEHERA brand.

With the same Kállayesque lens for narratives, the campaign takes the viewer on a subtle promenade on the streets of Bratislava to reveal the story of The NEHERA Woman.

The Woman beyond the rigidity of genderism. The Woman with purpose, that doesn’t accept fashion stereotypes, not in her personality, not in her garments. Bold, yet subtle, determined, yet tranquil – The NEHERA Woman.

To capture this irreverent and elegant spirit, the production purposely avoided intricate staging, polished set-ups, or synthetic processes, to rely more on an impromptu and free flow that resulted in more fluid, unpremeditated expressions.

The still compositions and the moving images blur temporal dimensions to reflect NEHERA’s timeless creations that act as canvases for The NEHERA Woman.


Photography: Branislav Šimončík Producer: Marek Wilhalm
Visual Direction: JANDL


Styling: NEHERA & Isabelle Thiry Make-up & Hair: Martina Segeňová Model: Stan Stanislavova (Elite Models) Produced by KIMONO Production


Director: Jakub Šteinecker, Patrik Gubiš
DOP and Video Edit: Jakub Šteinecker, Patrik Gubiš Concept: JANDL


The essence of NEHERA is functional comfort. Relying on creativity and innovation to create exceptional fashion that remains elegant, regardless of the evanescent trends. In a fashion world obsessed with More, NEHERA uncovers the beauty in Less. With a twist.

The timelessness of the designs is reflected in the quality of materials. Along with local craftsmen, every fiber is carefully reviewed to match the most rigorous sustainability benchmark.

NEHERA’s culture champions spontaneity, vitality, and sustainability, while the creations feel grounded and unassuming. Removing the unnecessary, and the superfluous to reveal graceful designs that are honest, unique, and quietly compelling.

NEHERA is an independent Slovak brand that revived the heritage of the famous Czechoslovak brand that flourished in the 1930s and made history worldwide in the integration of design, production, and retail.

The artisanal tradition of the Czechoslovak textile industry goes back to the first ready-to-wear factory established in 1868, mainland Europe in Prostejov, Moravian hometown of Jan Nehera.