Slovak brand NEHERA is the newest addition
to the rising wave of Eastern Bloc fashion.

NEHERA launches the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection with photos from the young Slovak talent.

The current Spring/Summer 2017 collection is about the harmonious imbalance and friction of contrasting elements. For Nehera getting dressed is an act of personal handwriting, putting together an intuitive collage of emotional bits. Whether you choose deconstructed kimono dresses, slashed tailored tuxedo jackets that wrap around like obi sashes or cotton dresses with the simplicity of a handkerchief.

The brand’s country of origin knows contrasts. Slovakia has always been a buffer zone between East and West. It shares some of its history with both and though it ended up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain for a while, it remained well within reach of the Western cultural transmitters.

Nehera reaps the perks of Slavic collective approach to work and creativity. It brings the otherness and curiosity that is so typical for the rising wave of post-communist fashion. At the same time, it keeps the Western elegance, quality of materials, individuality of style and attention to details. And notoriously involves young and talented local artist and artisans.

This time Nehera launches the new collection with the photography from the hot prospect of young Slovak art scene Mária Švarbová.

Švarbová’s photography experiments with space, colour and atmosphere. It explores the architecture of pre-1989 socialist Czechoslovakia. There is a sense of otherworldly order and undisturbed visual pleasure about her visuals that you usually don’t see in real life.

The marriage of Nehera’s “East meets West” attitude and still beauty of Švarbová’s pictures creates a whole new atmosphere. The visuals of the young photographer infuse the fashion with enigmatic stillness and isolation that ooze from rigid human figures placed in the middle of the cold vast spaces.